​​​​Workshop Description

Deb Dana brilliantly transforms a neurobiologically-based theory into clinical practice and Polyvagal Theory comes alive.
- Stephen W. Porges, PhD, Originator of Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal-Informed Treatment for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression & More 

​PTSD, anxiety, depression and most other mental illnesses share a common underlying factor: a dysregulated nervous system. This dysregulation not only results in many troubling and unremitting symptoms, it also interferes with the therapeutic relationship and therapy outcomes unless we are able to address it first. 

Polyvagal Theory, developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, provides an innovative model to understand our nervous systems, our bodily responses to trauma and stress, and the importance of the client’s physiological state in mediating the effectiveness of clinical treatments. 

While many clinicians have heard about Polyvagal Theory and enthusiastically embrace its concepts, it can be difficult to translate the theory into language that clients understand, and to apply it in our clinical work in tangible ways. That’s where Deb Dana comes in.  She’s been called the “world’s foremost translator of Polyvagal theory into clinical practice” and participants who attend this training will see why. 

In this workshop, based on her books 
Polyvagal Exercises for Safety & Connection and The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy, Deb will explain the Polyvagal Theory in a user-friendly way, and provide us with easy-to-understand, practical tools that we can immediately apply with clients suffering from a wide range of mental health conditions. 

You will learn: 

  • The fundamental principles of Polyvagal Theory 
  • How to introduce Polyvagal Theory to clients in an accessible way 
  • How to create autonomic maps and use them as a guide in treatment 
  • How to guide clients to safely connect to their autonomic responses and navigate daily experiences in new ways
  • How to incorporate a Polyvagal lens regardless of approach / modality 
  • Polyvagal-informed exercises for anxiety, depression, trauma and more 

Who Should Attend? 

Any helping professional who provides some form of counselling including (but not limited to), therapists, social workers, psychologists, and other mental health and/or health-care professionals.

You will receive:

  • ​​Access to the on-demand webinar for one year 
  • Downloadable handouts
  • Certificate of Attendance ​​

​​​​​Instructor: Deb Dana, LCSW
Location: On Demand

Length of Access: One year
Cost: $419 CAD + GST/HST (if applicable)
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About the Presenter

Deb Dana, LCSW is a clinician, consultant, author and speaker specializing in working with complex trauma.  Her work is focused on using the lens of Polyvagal Theory to understand and resolve the impact of trauma.

Deb has a busy career training therapists around the world in how to bring a Polyvagal approach into their clinical practice, and also works with agencies and larger systems to explore how to incorporate a Polyvagal perspective. She is widely credited with adapting Polyvagal Theory to trauma treatment. She is founding member of The Polyvagal Institute, a consultant to Khiron Clinics, and an advisor to Unyte.

Deb is the author of
The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy: Engaging the Rhythm of Regulation, Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection, creator of the Polyvagal Flip Chart, and co-edited, with Stephen Porges, Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory: The Emergence of Polyvagal-Informed Therapies

For more information about Deb and her work, visit: www.rhythmofregulation.com

​​Certificates of Attendance / CEU's / CE Information 

For those requiring a Certificate of Attendance, certificates will be issued upon successful completion of a post-training quiz with a minimum score of 75% (multiple attempts allowed). Certificates will indicate the number of direct education hours (12), not including breaks. Certificates may be used to qualify for eligibility for Continuing Education Credits from licensing boards and professional colleges; it is the participant’s responsibility to contact their college or association to confirm its requirements and the workshop's eligibility for CEU's / CE’s. This workshop has been pre-approved for 12 continuing education hours by the CACCF. 

Cancellation Policy

​​There are no refunds/credits for on-demand workshops as you have a full year to view the course. Refunds will not be issued in cases where a registrant did not receive the workshop login instruction email due to email issues. It is the registrant’s responsibility to contact us if they don’t receive the required login information in a timely manner (i.e. by end of day the next business day). 

Polyvagal-Informed Treatment for Trauma, Anxiety,
Depression & More
with Deb Dana, LCSW, Author of Polyvagal Theory in Therapy 


This is the recording from the live stream event held on
May 10 & 11, 2023  10am – 5:30pm ET

Education hours 12​​