About Mission: Empowerment !

Mission: Empowerment! holds many of our events in Stratford, Ontario.  For those coming from afar, allow us to tell you about Stratford....

Stratford is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities to visit, known for its lush gardens, rambling parks, meandering Avon River, great restaurants and bistros, stately Victorian-era homes, quaint shops, and of course the world-renowned Stratford Shakespearean festival.  Most famous are the Stratford swans: each year twenty-four white swans are released into the Avon River. 

While you are in Stratford, may we suggest:

  • Taking in a play at the Stratford Festival (season permitting)
  • Going for a stroll along the Avon River and saying hello to the swans!
  • Taking a boat tour along the Avon River
  • Visiting the quaint shops in downtown Stratford 
  • Buying chocolate (Mint Smoothies are the best!) at the famous Rheo Thompson’s

For more ideas about what to see & do during your visit to Stratford: www.visitstratford.ca

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About Stratford

Mission: Empowerment! is a seminar company based out of Stratford, Ontario, Canada.  We provide professional development and personal development workshops and events that educate, transform, inspire and empower.

Our mission is two-fold:

    1.  To empower individuals to reach their fullest potential and achieve their dreams in all

         life areas
    2.  To assist helping professionals to become more effective at empowering their clients to                make 
positive changes in their lives

For our in-person events: We hold all events in Southwestern Ontario (typically Stratford or Kitchener) in convenient locations with lots of FREE parking, and removed from the traffic headaches of the big city!

For our virtual events: We hold our virtual events on the Zoom platform.  Zoom is a remarkably easy to use platform with a capacity to keep things interactive and engaging.